With many years of design and remodeling experience, the team at GKC is the best in Hampton Roads. To get started with your project, you’ll get a free consultation with our expert team. During this consultation, we’ll come to your home to measure your space, answer any questions you may have about options for your kitchen or bath, and guide you through the options.

Are you building a new home? Planning an addition? Remodeling an existing space? What do you like and dislike about your current kitchen? Are you looking for a more functional layout, a change in style, or both?

GKC’s design team is experienced in developing creative solutions for both new construction and remodeling projects.

Will you be moving or changing walls, removing soffits, relocating electrical, plumbing or ductwork, replacing flooring or tile splashes, adding light fixtures? Or will you be replacing cabinetry and countertops with little or no change in layout?

GKC is a Class A Contractor offering complete remodeling service by licensed and insured trade professionals. We will efficiently coordinate the entire job so that the inevitable disruption of your household is kept to a minimum.

What do you expect to include in that budget? Items to consider are: cabinetry, countertops, installation, appliances, flooring, fixtures, lighting, plumbing, electrical work, plastering, painting, wallpaper, and other remodeling work.

Establishing a realistic budget is an important step. GKC offers a wide range of quality products to fit most budgets.

When do you hope to have it completed?

A new kitchen is a complex undertaking, requiring thoughtful planning and expert execution involving many suppliers and trades. Allow ample time for decision-making, product fabrication and delivery, and installation. DO NOT try to rush the process before a big event, such as a family gathering or holiday.

Is yours a one-cook or multi-cook household? Are there any physical limitations? Do children use the microwave? Would you like seating in the kitchen? For how many? Table height, counter height, or bar height? What about a desk area, computer space or television space? Do you see your kitchen as a social space where guests visit with you, a family space, or as a separate work space out of sight from the rest of the home?

The more you can tell us about the role of the kitchen in your home, the better we can customize the space to fit your needs and wants.

If you have already selected your appliances, please note the types, sizes, and manufacturers’ model numbers, if you have them. Will you cook on a slide-in or free-standing range? Or a separate cook top and oven(s). Will you have a standard range hood, a microwave hood, or downdraft ventilation? Or would you like to consider a decorative range hood to match the cabinetry? Will your refrigerator be a side-by-side, top freezer, bottom freezer, or something else? Do you plan on any specialty appliances such as a warming drawer, ice maker, wine cooler, trash compactor, etc.? Would you like appliance front panels to match your cabinetry?

GKC works closely with local appliance suppliers to ensure that we have the correct information to incorporate your choice of products into the kitchen design.

Your cooking habits will help determine the answer. For baking, you may want storage for cookie sheets, pie tins, cake pans, and mixing bowls. Drawer dividers will help organize measuring cups and spoons, rolling pins, cookie cutters, mixer attachments, etc. Spices, herbs and flavorings may be stored in door racks, pullout shelves, or drawer inserts. If you have oversized items, such as a canner, a wok, a crab pot or a coffee urn, they may be stored on deep shelves in a base or tall cabinet. Frequently-used small appliances, such as a toaster, can opener or coffeemaker, may be hidden in an appliance garage on the countertop, while less-used appliances, such as a food processor, juicer or crock pot, may be stored in deep drawers or on rollout trays. Base or tall cabinets may also be used for dish storage. Take a quick inventory of items you now store, and those you may now keep in the garage but would like to bring into the kitchen.

GKC offers hundreds of specialized storage solutions to make your life easier.

Are you striving to maintain the design integrity of an older home, wanting a more eclectic look, or aiming for a cutting-edge contemporary space? If you have magazine clippings of kitchens you like, or photos of your grandmother’s sideboard that may be the inspiration for your new kitchen, bring them with you.

GKC’s kitchen design specialists are active members of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, and frequently attend classes and seminars to stay informed of the latest industry innovations and trends.

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